Friday, March 24, 2017

Room at the Top (1959)

Room at the Top was surprisingly provocative for a movie from the Production Code era, but judging from the British accents I'm guessing that's simply because it's not a Hollywood movie. I'm not aware, off the top of my head, of other foreign best picture nominees from the era that were graced with a nomination without being subject to the same regulations.

Our protagonist is a rather unlikeable fellow dividing his amorous attentions between the young, innocent, and rich Susan and the older, married Alice. He starts off with Alice just being on the side while he bides his time in pursuit of Susan. Then he falls in love with Alice and things get... complicated.

A very engaging and entertaining film, but the main character is just too much of a scoundrel, but, worse, in that 1950s way where the creators don't realize it.

39 to go...

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